What is functional medicine?

International patients

FunMed is a medical practice in Göteborg and Stockholm offering services in Functional Medicine. The founder of FunMed, Dr Peter Martin is an MD with a PhD in CNS pharmacology. He has been working in pharmaceutical research for fifteen years and then as a doctor in primary care and in hospitals. When experiencing a sick leave for Exhaustion Disorder he used Functional Medicine as a means to recover and subsequently received training at the Institute for Functional Medicine in USA.

All staff is fluent in English and welcome international customers. Since FunMed uses an online booking system in the Swedish language, including extensive health questionnaires, we would encourage international patients to contact us at info@funmed.se for inquiries about how to book.

You can also sign-up for our newsletter (”Nyhetsbrev” – text in Swedish) for general information about FunMed and other related topics.